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The Euro Dragon crew took a vacation to Tignes with Will Smith, Ollie Dutton, Andy Nudds, Lukas Ellensohn, Max De Vries and Christoph Schwarz.


“Late March and the some of the UK, German and Dutch Dragon European team made their way to Tignes for a week of slush busting fun, cringy photo shoots and general boarder bonding…
Bro-downs and less than generous conditions aside, the UK team must make up one of the finest in the land with Will, Ollie and Andy keeping all bases loaded, whilst new kid on the block Max De Vries (15) somehow learnt 10s in the Dutch indoor halls. Christoph Scwaz (GER) and Lukas Ellensohn (AUT) team up and round it off with style and technicality as the team took on Tignes, we’ll call it draw and come back for more.”

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