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Fivers for Trannys was the first indoor event in the UK to be completely sorted out and run by a bunch of dirt bag snowboarders, flying the dalikfodda flag. Jon Russell and friends spent untold hours shaping the course, Monster energy kindly put up the fivers for prizes and paid for the band and awesome prizes were also donated by Lobster Snowbaords, Vans, 32, and the garage of broken dreams™.

With no runs, no bibs, no start marshalls, free beer and no rules it was a classic Texas Deathmatch of booze fuelled mayhem, to a slamming soundtrack provided by the mighty STEAK!

The course was totally unique and with fivers given out on the spot for good runs there was some inspired tranny finding, great lines and a lot of incredible slams. Solid slams earned pastry snacks and porno magazines so no one went home empty handed.

From start to finish this was a collaboration, so massive thanks to all the riders, to dalikfodda, Monster, Lobster, Vans and 32, to Gonzilla, Grindhouse and The Reason. Especially thanks to Jon Russell, Thrashmore, Tom Guilmard and Will Smith for making the impossible happen.

Extra special thanks to Sno!Zone, Castleford for taking a big chance by giving up a chunk of their slope and most of their snow for a whole week, to a bunch of idiots. WE SALUTE YOU!

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